Thursday, April 02, 2009

New U.S. Car
Fed Chairman Tim Geithner and Secretary of Health & Human Services Kathy Sebelius have decided to buy a new Chrysler to help boost the ailing U-S automakers. The car is called the DODGE 1040.

Protest "Stupocrisy"
The "anti-capitalist" protesters continue to demonstrate outside the G-20 summit meetings in London. They're showing just how anti-capitalist they are by making sure they come to every protest armed with cellphone cameras and Banana Republic bags.

(And yes, I am coining a new word in honor of the G20 protesters: STUPOCRISY: When you're so stupid and naive that you don't even realize you're being a hypocrite).

Obama's Aunt Asylum
A federal immigration judge is allowing President Obama's Kenyan aunt to remain in the country until next year... or until she can find someplace to cash her federal stimulus check, whichever comes first.

Korea Strategy
President Obama met with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak today to discuss possible responses to North Korea's imminent missile launch. Myung-bak backed military action and economic sanction, Obama suggested giving Kim Jong Il a free iPod.

Budget in a Hurry
Congress is killing most debate and putting President Obama's massive 2010 budget on a fast track approval schedule. That's because the only thing that scares a Congressman more than a $3.6 trillion budget is actually having to read it.

Sudan Elections
Sudan has just announced that it will hold parliamentary and presidential elections in February 2010. That's good news for the three Sudanese people who will still be alive in 2010.


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