Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Auto Deadline
GM and Chrysler have about a week before they find out if they'll get additional help from taxpayers... so they better give their top executives those outrageous bonuses now before it's too late.

AIG Givebacks
About half of the AIG executives who received those controversial bonuses are giving them back. The other half are making more donations to Chris Dodd.

Obama on TV... Again
President Obama will address the nation tonight in a prime time news conference. Most of the news conference will cover what he's been doing since he last addressed the nation on "60 Minutes" a whole two nights ago.

The Obama news conference has forced a postponement of the latest episode of "American Idol," creating a huge amount of confusion for 25 million Americans who are expected to try to phone in and vote Tim Geithner off the administration.

Spector Retrial
During Phil Spector's retrial for murder, California prosecutors told the jury that the record producer is a "dangerous man"... but not quite as dangerous as his hair stylist.


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