Friday, March 27, 2009

More Troops to Afghanistan
President Obama is sending 4,000 new troops to finally destroy the Taliban out of Afghanistan. The move is especially hawkish, since 3,000 of those troops are former AIG executives.

Electric Car
Tesla Motors has rolled out its $49,000 all electric-powered sedan. The car will save motorists thousands in gas prices, but their electric bills will now be about $10,000 a month.

Aid to Pakistan
The Obama administration is planning billions in new assistance to Pakistan, provided the Pakistanis stop paying huge bonuses to the worst performing terrorists.

FAA Secrets
The federal government plans to block public access to its records of aircraft and bird collisions. Otherwise, envrionmentalist groups were threatening to file dozens of lawsuits to protect the birds' privacy rights.

No Street Lights
The lights of New York City's Empire State Building and several other major buildings will be turned off Saturday night for an environmental demonstration called "Earth Hour". But the event will be known locally as the "mugging and looting hour."


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