Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Auto Loans
President Obama's auto task force is recommending more loans for GM and Chrysler, but only if there are sacrifices... like not making any cars for 4-5 years.

Paulson Book
Former Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson is writing a book on the 2008 financial crisis. It will be the first thing Paulson has had to sell that didn't cost at least $700 billion.

Wall Street to Public School
The state of New Jersey is looking to hire unemployed Wall Street traders as public school teachers. Students in those classes will learn how $170 billion in losses somehow equals a $165 million bonus.

Doc in Trouble
A St. Louis doctor has been arrested for planning to trade drugs for sex. It's illegal in St. Louis to provide drugs for sex without first getting a $15 co-pay.

Fare Hike
Transit fares in New York City are going up more than 25%. In response to the expected cash crunch, subway panhandlers are now accepting credit cards.


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