Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stone Banned
In response to Sharon Stone saying the recent Sichuan earthquake was "Karma" for China's treatment of Tibet, Beijing is banning her movies in all theaters... thus joining Hollywood's banning of Sharon Stone which began about 10 year ago.

Bibles Burned?
Police in Israel are investigating the burning of hundreds of New Testaments by Jews in a city near Tel Aviv. The incident is giving the world news media a great opportunity to ignore reports of Arab terrorists burning Christians in Gaza.

McClellan's Book
Former White House spokesman Scott McClellan says he now believes President Bush's aides lied to him about the war in Iraq. But he's really upset about how they lied to him when they said he didn't look fat in that suit.

Merger Talks Fail
Merger talks between United and U.S. Airways have broken down. The two airlines couldn't decide who would delay passengers for hours and who would lose everyone's bags.

GE Appliance Sale
GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt says the company is only in the "early stages" of selling its appliance unit. There are a lot of interested buyers, but no one is quite sold on buying the extended warrantee.

Abbas' Lament
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas believes a political crisis in Israel that could unseat Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will hurt peace talks. Abbas is making it clear that for the peace talks to continue, the Israelis will have to find someone as stupid and gullible as Olmert.


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