Monday, May 19, 2008

Subway Woes
A new report shows that despite $1 billion in improvement costs, the elevators at most New York City subway are still not reliable. But most riders still find them to be very reliable when used as toilets.

Economic Assessment
The good news is that most economists now believe housing price declines have finally hit bottom. The bad news is that your 4-bedroom home is now worth 15 cents.

Quake Toll
China continues to feel the effects of the massive earthquake that hit the country last week. Thousands are homeless, businesses have been disrupted, and the government hasn't been able to execute as many political prisoners as usual.

Anderson Weds
Loni Anderson married former folk music star Bob Flick this weekend. It was Anderson's fourth marriage, but the first for most of her new body parts.

Baseball's Bad Call
If Major League Baseball only had instant replay, a legal home run hit by Carlos Delgado at Yankee Stadium last night would never have been incorrectly disallowed. And the video would have also helped the cops identify the three guys who mugged several fans in the right field bleachers.


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