Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trapped in China
As many as 18,000 Chinese factory workers are trapped in the rubble after yesterday's earthquake... which means they have no food other than poisonous lead-based toys.

Disaster Tolls
The death tolls in China and Myanmar are climbing by the hour... and they will rise even more as soon as CNN's Anderson Cooper arrives.

The death toll is rising, the devastation is immense, and there is little hope... but enough about the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Bush Goes to Saudi Arabia
President Bush is headed to Saudi Arabia today where he will visit King Abdullah... and most of the American peoples' money.

President Bush is headed to Saudi Arabia today... otherwise known as "Journey to the Center of the 7th Century."

Neverland Foreclosure
The Foreclosure auction on Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch has been canceled. They just weren't enough sanitary wipes on Earth to make that place attractive to another buyer.

Clinton's Sweet Spot
Hillary Clinton is expected to win today's West Virginia primary as she campaigned on a strong local platform promising more jobs, more education, and more teeth.

Check out this puppet debate created by a college student!


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