Friday, May 23, 2008

Call for Help
The Chinese government is making a desperate call for tents to help shelter the Sichuan earthquake victims. They'd use the tents they make in China, but officials don't want to make the quake survivors also have to worry about being poisoned.

Holiday Weekend
This is Memorial Day Weekend... a special holiday when all Americans pause to remember a time when they could afford to buy gas.

Hillary's People Speak to Obama Team
Reports say that Hillary Clinton's campaign team is approaching Barack Obama's team for private discussions. The staffers could be talking about an Obama-Hillary ticket, but they're probably just looking for new jobs.

Myanmar Accepts Help
Myanmar's military leaders have agreed to "allow all aid workers" into the country to help cyclone survivors... but mostly because they're delicious.

McCain Records
Sen. John McCain will give select members of the media a three-hour glimpse at his medical records Friday. That ought to be enough time to cover his doctor visits just for the last month.

A closer look at the records show that McCain is in good health, and the only thing that can kill him is another few weeks of $4 gas.


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