Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pope Holding On
Pope John Paul II is still clinging to life today. Vatican officials says the Pontiff wants to live long enough to give every news network the chance to erroneously report his death.

Top 5 Bogus Headlines Coming out of Rome

5) "Michael Jackson Dangles Pope from Vatican Window"

4) "Bill Frist, Hillary Clinton Start Early Campaigns to Replace John Paul"

3) "Ashlee Simpson Lip Synchs Pope's Sunday Blessings"

2) "Tom DeLay Blames Pope's Condition on Michael Schiavo & Activist Cardinals"

1) "Pope Feeling Fine; Proud of Greatest April Fool in History"

Pope's Condition
Vatican officials say the Pope is going in and out of consciousness, and often seems disoriented. But that doesn't mean he's near death... President Bush has been in that condition for more than four years.


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