Sunday, March 27, 2005

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Jeb Bush Schiavo
Florida Governor Jeb Bush is still trying to gain legal custody of the brain-damaged Terry Schiavo. But experts say no court will grant him custody until he shows he can take better care of his brain-damaged brother George.

Pope Appearance
Pope John Paul II did make a brief appearance before the faithful at Saint Peter's Square this Easter Sunday. The event delighted Catholics, Protestants, and everyone in Vegas who took the 2-1 odds that the Pope would show.

Fewer Teen Workers
A new report shows that fewer teens than ever are working part-time jobs in New York City. That means if you really want to get rude and incompetent service these days, you have to take a cab.

Bad Math
New York State is likely to recall thousands of math textbooks that are filled with mistakes. But the recall is being delayed by legislators in Albany who are finding the books very helpful as they work to screw up another state budget.


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