Sunday, March 20, 2005

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Schiavo Compromise
Congress has reached a compromise agreement in the Terry Schiavo case. The Congressmen will continue to do whatever they can to provide for her health care and feeding, and in return they will continue to do nothing for every other American's health care and feeding.

Schiavo Breakthrough
Congressional reaction to the Terry Schiavo case has helped Americans without health insurance finally figure out how to get decent government sponsored health care -- all they have to do is pretend they're brain dead with a spouse who wants to pull the plug!

Schiavo Politicians
Members of Congress insist their concern for Terry Schiavo's medical care isn't hypocritical. The politicians say they really want all Americans to get this level of care... it's just that in Schiavo's case, the health care insurance lobbyists aren't paying them to look the other way.


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