Monday, July 26, 2004

WEB ALERT!!! I have a story published in this week's satirical web site. Here is the link: EnduringVision

DNC Security
Because of extremely tight security, most Boston residents won't be able to even get near the site of the Democratic National Convention this week. But if they insist on gathering someplace to cheer on a lost cause, they can always catch the Red Sox at Fenway Park.

Sperm Donor Support
A state appeals court has ruled that a sperm donor must pay child support for his two biological children. The man insists he can't afford any financial support, but like most sperm donors, he'll always be willing to lend them a hand.

Star Wars Movie Title
The title for next summer's final Star Wars movie has been announced and is set to be put on theater marquees all over the country. It's called: "Geeks Line Up Here."

Sliwa Flees
Now that John Gotti Jr. has been indicted for ordering the murder of Guardian Angel founder and talk radio host Curtis Sliwa, Sliwa is fleeing Manhattan for a secret location. Experts believe he'll be safest if he goes to that same mystery place where most of his radio listeners disappeared to about 10 years ago.


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