Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Same Sex Marriage Bill Debate
Senate Democrats are attacking Republicans for focusing on what they call the "phony issue" of gay marriage while American troops are having their lives threatened in Iraq and Afghanistan. GOP senators quickly reacted by drafting a bill banning gay marriage in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Senate Confusion
Staunch gay marriage opponent Senator Rick Santorum said he was fighting to defend what he called "the basic social building block of our society." His opponents reacted by reminding everyone that they support same-sex marriage, not Prohibition.

Partisan Dating Sites
In the past few months, dozens of online dating sites have launched catering to singles with distinct political leanings. People surfing the GOP sites can expect to get a lot more action since you're always much more likely to get screwed by a Republican.

Nixing Knighthood?
A committee in Britain's House of Commons is recommending the country stop awarding Knighthoods to celebrities and wealthy citizens. But others say the titles boost public service, increase charitable donations, and are the only reason Mick Jagger fathers no more than five illegitimate children per year.


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