Monday, July 19, 2004

Saudi Funding
After a two-year long fight, Congressman Anthony Weiner finally succeeded in getting the House of Representatives to approve a bill wiping out $25,000 in annual funding to Saudi Arabia. Of course Weiner could have eliminated $25,000 in funding to the Saudis a lot easier simply by not gassing up his SUV for a month.

Intelligence Protest
Several leading politicians in Washington are protesting the 9/11 Commission's call for appointing a new Cabinet-level intelligence chief. Of course, most Americans would settle for simply appointing a person to the cabinet with some intelligence.

Arnold Stamp
Austria is issuing a new postage stamp in honor of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The stamp is really unique because if you're an attractive woman, it licks YOU.

TV Ads
Records show the presidential campaigns are trying to best reach their target voters by advertising on different shows. The Bush campaign is concentrating on cop shows like "Law and Order," the Kerry team is running ads on programs like "The Oprah Winfrey Show," and the Nader campaign is sponsoring re-runs of the "Twilight Zone."

"I Robot" a Hit
The sci-fi thriller "I Robot," starring Will Smith topped the box office with its stunning tale of how stiff, but somewhat lifelike automatons try to take over the world. Of Course, half the people paying to see the film thought it was about the Kerry campaign.


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