Thursday, July 22, 2004

NEWSDAY ALERT!!! I'm back in the "Punchlines" column in today's Newsday. Here's the link: Newsday

Support for Lay
News reports say the first President Bush is doing what he can to support indicted ex-Enron CEO and founder Ken Lay. The two men have a lot in common; both know what it's like to be the father of an economic disaster.

Home Defibrillators
The U.S. government is considering allowing people to buy the electronic devices that jump-start a stopped heart and keep them in their homes. But officials warn that the defibrillators will only be made available to people with cardiac defects, elderly Americans who have already had a heart attack, and Mets fans.

Train Checked
A Washington-to-New York Amtrak train was stopped and checked after a passenger discovered something suspicious about the train's restroom; it was clean.


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