Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Twitter in Space
NASA's Mike Massimino has become the first astronaut to make a post on Twitter in space. In other news, the Space Shuttle Atlantis crashed into the Hubble Telescope ths morning as pilot Mike Massimino was distracted while sending a message on Twitter.

Pelosi Knew
Despite her denials, it turns out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was told in 2003 that waterboarding tactics were being used on terror suspects. In her defense, Pelosi doesn't hear too well ever since she had her ears botoxed.

Bank Salary Curbs
The White House is now looking to curb salaries and bonuses even at banks that didn't take bailout money. Bankers are actually okay with this, as long as the Obama administration doesn't pay them as little as they're trying to give doctors.

Briefing Congress?
A New York Times editorial claims that the Bush administration did not really tell Congress about its torture policies because only four members of Congress were briefed... and as everyone knows, it takes at least 5 Congressman to change a lightbulb.

Mixed News?
The number of foreclosure filings broke a record in April, but the number of home repossessions fell 11%. In other news, banks are desperately looking to hire more people to repossess homes.


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