Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama Day 100
This marks President Obama's 100th day in office. In that time, he's spent more than $6 trillion... making this the most bold presidency ever or just the sequel to "Brewster's Millions."

With GM and Chrysler teetering near bankruptcy, Ford's business is seeing a pick up in revenues... mostly because the automaker is now selling cars and antidepressants.

Swine Flu Airlines
The swine flu outbreak is hurting the already strapped U.S. travel industry. Most U.S. airlines are now charging travellers a special $25 surcharge if they don't want to be seated next to a Mexican.

Citi Bonuses
Citigroup is asking the Treasury for permission to pay special bonuses to many key employees... like the guy who makes out all the pink slips every month.

Specter Reaction
Most Republicans are saying that they're happy that Senator Arlen Specter is leaving their party... mostly because he's showing flu-like symptoms.


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