Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pirate Attack
Another U.s. cargo ship has been attacked by Somali pirates. It's not clear if the attack was revenge for the killing of three Somali pirates on Saturday or if this was just another one of those anti-tax day protests.

Post Office Tax Day
Post offices across the country will stay open late tonight so Americans can file their taxes on time... there still will be only one person waiting on customers at each office, but they'll be open late.

Gun Teacher
A Florida public school teacher who brought a gun to school has been sent to jail... but she's keeping her job as it turns out most of her students are also behind bars.

Airline Worker Protest
A group of American Airlines ground employees stopped working yesterday and staged an angry protest over the company's executive pay. During the protest, American passengers reported a 57% decrease in stolen luggage.

Jacko Auction No Go
The planned auction of Michael Jackson's personal items has been called off. There just wasn't enough space for all the bidders in the LAPD evidence room.

No Uniforms at Graduation
The El Paso, Texas school board has decided to bar a high school senior who has enlisted in the army from wearing his military uniform to his graduation. But wearing a prison uniform to graduation is still okay.


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