Monday, May 18, 2009

L.A. Quake
A moderate earthquake rattled Los Angeles this morning. They would have had a bigger quake, but the state can't afford it.

Sri Lanka Wins
The Sri Lankan government says it has finally routed the Tamil Tigers rebel group. Sri Lanka now moves into a semi-final matchup with the Bangladesh Bengals.

Notre Dame Arrests
Dozens of demonstrators were arrested yesterday while protesting President Obama's graduation address at Notre Dame. All those arrested were punished by being fined, getting charged with trespassing, and by being given season tickets to Notre Dame football.

Police Budgets
Because of the economic downturn, several police departments are struggling to provide basic services. Arrests are down 12%, traffic tickets are off 15%, and shakedowns have declined by 35%.

GM Dealers
GM dealers who just learned they will be shut down are undergoing a grief period. Luckily, that grief period isn't being distracted by anything like people coming in to buy a GM car.


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