Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fuel Standards
President Obama will introduce new rules today stopping the U.S. auto companies from making gas guzzling cars. This is good timing, since the U.S. auto companies are about to stop making all cars.

T.O. in Buffalo
Terrell Owens reported to Buffalo Bills minicamp yesterday, giving the team a boost but severely draining the city's already financially strapped mental healthcare system.

Home Depot Earnings
Thanks to some structural changes, Home Depot's first-quarter earnings jumped 44%. The hardware giant finally realized that you make more money when your customers can actually find the stuff they want to buy.

Harvard Shooting
A man was shot on the Harvard campus last night. Police aren't sure whether the shooter or the victim were Harvard students, but they're hopeful.

Clean the Butts
The city of San Francisco wants to add a 33 cent cigarette tax to help offset the cost of cleaning up discarded butts. But smokers say they're already reducing the city's overall costs by doing other things... like dying.


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