Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama on Bonuses
President Obama slammed Wall Street for taking more than $18 billion in bonuses in 2008. He's so angry that's he's only going to give Wall Street $100 billion worth of the $900 billion stimulus plan.

Dodd Angry
Senator Christopher Dodd is blasting Wall Street for giving itseld $18 billion worth of bonuses despite drastic losses in 2008. Dodd says he's personally outraged because everyone knows the only people who can get pay raises when they fail are members of Congress.

Blago Removed
The state of Illinois has finally rid itself of Governor Rod Blagojevich... now if someone could just get him off of CNN.

Crime Gangs
The FBI now says that 80% of the crime in the U.S. is being carried out by ruthless gangs... but enough about Citigroup, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs.

Child Health Care
The Senate has just approved a bill bringing medical coverage to 4 million previously uninsured American children... and if the Senators would just acknowledge their illegitimate children, that could bring coverage to at least 5 million more kids.


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