Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama Olive Branch
President Obama told Arab TV network Al-Arabiya that he wants Muslims to know that "Americans are not your enemy." But it's a tough sell starting off on the wrong foot since Obama's live interview preempted the network's wildly popular "How to Behead Americans" comedy series.

Some eyebrows are being raised because President Obama granted his first full-length interview to Al-Arabiya since entering the White House. The Obama administration explained that the president wanted to immediately speak with a network that wasn't as anti-American as MSNBC.

Surprise Octuplets
A woman in California delivered octuplets Monday morning, surprising doctors who expected seven babies. If you think they were surprised, imagine how shocked the pharmacist who sold her husband those condoms nine months ago must be.

Doctors say the mother is doing "very well" after the deliveries, which took about five minutes. Five minutes seems fast for octuplets, until you realise that's 3 minutes longer than it took for her husband to get the mom pregnant.

College Crunch
Colleges across the country are facing huge endowment losses. As a result, some schools have gone from charging $40,000 in tuition to the more lucrative process of simply taking students hostage and demanding a ransom.

Teen Sex
New studies show that today’s teens are not having more sex, despite public perceptions. This is not so much a success for abstinence programs as it is a strong rebuke for the writers of "Gossip Girl."


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