Monday, January 12, 2009

Burris Getting Closer
More and more leading Democratics seem to be willing to allow Roland Burris to join the Senate. They dropped their objections to him when they realized this was about Roland Burris, not Plaxico.

Airline Safety
U.S. airlines have just completed the safest two-year period in the industry's history. Of course, you're less likely to crash over a two-year period when the average flight is delayed for two years.

Obama on Mideast War
Sources say President-elect Obama is "much more determined" to break Mideast deadlock. And he's proving that by getting on his knees and praying every day that the war in Gaza will be over by inauguration day so he doesn't have to deal with it.

Rally Violence
A Pro-Palestinian "peace rally" in New York turned violent last night when two demonstrators leaving the rally got into a fierce battle over the only available cab in Midtown Manhattan.

Gaza Lull
Fighting in Gaza was breifly halted today when Israeli troops entered a Palestinian refugee camp and actually found 15,000 laid off workers from Citigroup.


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