Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Airport Hell
Millions of travellers are stranded in airports across the country because of snow storms. It's disturbing news for most Americans, except Jets fans who are hoping their team never comes home.

Coins Discovered
Israeli archaeologists have discovered 264 ancient gold coins buried in Jerusalem. But as soon as they were unearthed, Bernie Madoff came along and stole them.

Shoplifting Surge
Police across the country say shoplifting is on the rise. Adults are lifting electronics, kids are sneaking away with toys, and banks are walking away with $750 billion in taxpayer money.

New 'Vette
GM is almost finished with its 2009 Corvette. It goes from profitable to needing a massive bail out in 4.5 years.

Spade Donation
Actor-comedian David Spade is helping the cash-strapped Phoenix police department by donating 66 semi-automatic rifles for officers working Arizona streets. It's a nice gesture by Spade, but most of America is hoping the cops use at least one of the new guns on him.


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