Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Overheard at "Jews for Obama" HQ

10) "I've never actually read the Torah, but I'm sure there's something in there against voting Republican."

9) "Sarah Palin reminds me of my frum brother's beautiful wife... I hate her too."

8) "Wasn't there a great Jewish thinker who believed in wealth redistribution? Oh yeah, Leon Trotsky!"

7) "This will teach my grandparents for stiffing me with that fountain pen for my Bar Mitzvah!"

6) "As a religious Jew, I worry about those Christian Republicans who support Israel just because of a silly thing like... religion."

5) "I'm actually voting for McCain, but the women here are way better looking than the ones on J-Date!"

4) "This finally proves Jews have more self-destructive guilt than Catholics!"

3) "I'm just here to start the early application for a pardon for AgriProcessors."

2) "When Obama really ruins the economy, I won't have worry about getting off work for Shavous!"

1) "If I really wanted to do something to hurt Israel, I'd support Tzipi Livni."


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