Monday, August 25, 2008

No Deal for Lehman
A Korean investment firm is now backing off its attempts to buy Lehman Brothers. It turns out it just can't afford to pay for all the anti-depressants.

Hillary Shift
Hillary Clinton has released her delegates to vote for Barack Obama... too bad they're all voting for John McCain.

China Gets the Most Gold
China is gloating about its gold medal haul at the Beijing Games. The nation's leaders can't wait to use those medals to beat Tibetan protesters.

Obama Plans Fouled Up
The Obama campaign planned to announce Joe Biden as its V.P. choice at 8am Saturday, but CNN broke the story just after midnight... which is weirdm because CNN is the Obama campaign.

Biden Preps
Joe Biden is preparing for a tough battle on the campaign trail. In an attempt to relate to the common man, he's getting his hair plugs dyed in the colors of the Confederate Flag.


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