Monday, July 07, 2008

Obama Emergency Landing
A mechanical problem forced Barack Obama's plane to make an unscheduled emergency landing in Saint Louis this morning. It was scariest moment for the Obama campaign since his TelePrompTer broke down.

A-Rod Divorce
Alex Rodriguez's wife Cynthia is filing for divorce. She says she can no longer tolerate his infidelities, and his inability to hit in the clutch in the playoffs.

Running of the Bulls
They held the annual "Running of the Bulls" in Pamplona, Spain today... or as the bulls call it: "The Running of the Idiots."

Brinkley Divorce Case
Divorce court records show Christie Brinkley's husband Peter Cook spent more than $3,000-a-month on Internet porn. Forget gas prices, REAL inflation is when you're married to one of the most beautiful women in the world and you still need to spend that much on porn.

No College for Illegals
Some states are making it harder for illegal immigrants to attend college by denying in-state tuition benefits or banning undocumented students. This is a dangerous precedent; next thing you know they'll be requiring all students to know how to read and write.

Iraq Debt Forgiven
The good news for the new Iraqi government is that the United Arab Emirates is canceling $7 billion of Iraq's debt. The bad news is that now the Iraqis will never get those credit card bonus points.

Nadal Wins
Rafael Nadal defeated Roger Federer in marathon Wimbeldon final that took longer than seven hours. The only thing people have wait longer for in Britain is to see a dentist.


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