Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Joint Appearance
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will make a joint public appearance next week... which means the snipers she hired to kill him will have to be extra careful when Hillary and Obama stand close together.

Offshore Drilling
President Bush and John McCain are ignoring environmental concerns and now support lifting most bans on offshore drilling. Most Americans support the plan since they can't afford to drive to the beach anymore anyway.

Fuel Speeding Chare
Drivers caught speeding in an Atlanta suburb now have to pay an extra $12 police department gas surcharge. That's over and above the $4 coffee and donut surcharge.

Bounced Check Fees Rise
More U.S. banks are increasing bounced check fees. Chase Bank is now charging $34, Bank of America's new fee is $25, and hoping to avoid bankruptcy Lehman Brothers is charging $17 million.

Not Looking to be VP
Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says he's not actively seeking the vice presidential job... of course Huckabee isn't actively doing anything else either.


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