Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Obama Veepstakes
Barack Obama is reportedly looking for a former military commander to be his running mate, so Hillary Clinton is not hesitating to remind Obama of her battlefield experience in Bosnia, the Persian Gulf, and Valley Forge.

Tomato Scare
McDonald's is pulling raw tomatoes off its menu because of a salmonella scare... and because McDonald's recently found out that normally, tomatoes are actually good for you.

Buffet's Bet
Warren Buffett is betting several hedge fund managers that they can't beat the S&P 500's performance over a 10-year period ending in 2017. The loser will donate $1 million to charity, which in 2017 will be able to buy a burger and maybe a soda.

Obama's Day
Barack Obama will spend the day shadowing a nurse at a St. Louis hospital. It's days like today that make Bill Clinton miss the campaign the most.

Iran's Promise
Iran says its army is now at its "highest state of readiness" to respond to an Israeli attack; they've been practicing retreating all week.

Obama on the Economy
Barack Obama says the U.S. economy urgently needs a $50 billion boost right away... mostly to buy more air conditioners.

Save the Tiger
Actress Bo Derek came to Washington yesterday to help raise awareness about the dwindling worldwide tiger population. Of course Derek has no reason to fear tigers, since they don't like eating plastic.


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