Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hillary on the Ticket?
The Obama campaign is considering choosing Hillary Clinton as Obama's running mate. It's all part of his "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" strategy.

Verizon Deal
Verizon executives are close to a deal to buy Alltel for $28 billion... but they can get Alltel for free if they only use the company on nights and weekends.

Continental Cuts
To show solidarity with their struggling employees, Continental Airlines' CEO and president will go without any pay for the rest of 2008. And to show solidarity with their passengers, they'll go without lunch, pillows, and their dignity.

Hillary Drops Out
Hillary Clinton plans to suspend her campaign Saturday. By suspending instead of dropping out altogether, Clinton would technically remain a candidate while technically not remaining a decent human being.

Plane Share?
John McCain is proposing that he and Barack Obama share the same airplane on the campaign trail... which makes sense since they already share the same platform.

Rushdie's New Book
Salman Rushdie has a new novel, Enchantress of Florence. So now the list of people who want to kill Salman Rushdie include Islamic terrorists, and anyone who actually reads Enchantress of Florence.


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