Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Running Mate Push
BET founder Bob Johnson is pushing for Barack Obama to choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate. It's not clear if he's doing that to win votes or to test a pilot for his network's new version of "The Odd Couple."

Heavy Fares
American Airlines is considering weighing its passengers and charging fares accordingly... which doesn't seem fair since most people depart airline flights significantly thinner than they were when they boarded.

McMahon in Foreclosure
Foreclosure proceedings have begun against Ed McMahon's Beverly Hills home. It's not that McMahon is broke, it's just that he can't find any bank that accepts those oversized checks.

McMahon's mortgage is held by Countrywide Financial, so he plans to pay his loan back by appearing as CEO Angelo Mozilo's lovable sidekick at Mozilo's inevitable criminal trial.

One in every 194 U.S. households has received a foreclosure filing in the past year, and 194 in every 194 U.S. households has received an mailing from Ed McMahon for the American Family Sweepstakes.

United Cuts
United Airlines says it is cutting 70 jets from its fleet... as soon as it can figure out where they are.

Hillary Hangs Around
Hillary Clinton refuses to let it go. She's like the girlfriend you dump who asks you if you can still be friends.


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