Tuesday, June 03, 2008

GM Changes
GM has just announced it will cut back on making gas-guzzling SUVs and is exploring selling off its Hummer division. In fact, the automaker is getting so cutting edge it might even stop installing 8-track tape players in every car.

Better Turnout?
Experts say the economy may spur millions more Americans to vote this fall... until they realize they can't afford to drive to the polls.

Byrd Hospitalized
90-year-old Senator Robert Byrd was hospitalized last night after his doctor noticed him suffering from lethargy and sluggishness at his home. That kind of behavior is only acceptable when he's on the Senate floor.

Hillary's Last Day?
Today could be a tough day for Hillary Clinton, as there are reports that she will dropout of the presidential race. It'll will be even tougher for her tonight when she gets home and sees how much porn Bill has saved to the DVR.

Cigarette Tax Hike
A pack of cigarettes in New York state now costs about $10. That's crazy, I can get like two gallons of gas for that!


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