Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chinese Hacking
Businesses and government officials are being warned that laptops and e-mail devices taken to the Beijing Olympics are likely to be hacked by Chinese spies. Remember the good old days at the Olympics when the only things you had to worry about were doping scandals and Arab terrorists?

Lehman's Stubborn CEO
Despite a continuing freefall for Lehman Brothers stock, CEO Richard Fuld refuses to step down... but he does promise to leave as soon as Lehman finds enough cash to pay his massive severance package.

Promise Keepers
A new survey shows that teen virginity pledges can actually work... especially when the kids are overweight and geeky.

New Army Rules
The U.S. Army is working to bar medically and mentally unfit soldiers from serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. From now on, those soldiers will be sent directly to the Senate.

Impeach Bush
Rep. Dennis Kucinich has introduced another resolution to impeach President Bush. This effort is expected to be more successful as it calls for Mr. Bush to leave office no later than January 20, 2009.


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