Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Oil Explaination
A new government report says speculators are not to blame for the high price of oil. But the credibility of the report was thrown into question when it did blame gay marriage.

InBev Keeps Trying
Despite repeated rejections, InBev continues to pursue Anheuser Busch. This is what is technically referred to as "corporate beer goggling."

Freedom Tower Delay
The Port Authority says the planned Freedom Tower at Ground Zero will probably not be ready by the 2011 deadline... infuriating the al Qaeda terrorists who have been ready to blow it up since last year.

Changing Times
I saw a two-car accident yesterday and was impressed when rescue crews arrived on the scene in time to save the gas in both cars.

Bill and Barack
Bill Clinton says he and Barack Obama had a, "terrific conversation" about the campaign on the phone Monday morning... but only after they had an even better time making jokes about Hillary's fat ass.


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