Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Starbucks Closings
Starbucks is closing 600 stores across the country. But to keep the spirit of those shops alive, each closed site will be replaced with a Methadone clinic.

Madonna and A-Rod?
Gossip reports say Madonna is having an affair with New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez. She wanted to hook up with Derek Jeter, but Jeter still has some standards.

Grasso Cash
A New York appeals court has ruled that former New York Stock Exchange CEO Dick Grasso can keep his $188 million pay package. That should give Grasso just enough money to pay his legal bills and gas up his limo for the trip back to the Hamptons.

When asked what he plans to do next, Grasso says he will use his money to help the environment, end world hunger, and help O.J. find the real killers.

Former Governor Eliot Spitzer brought the case against Grasso but now that it's over, he's hoping to get Grasso to cover some of his outstanding Emperor's Club bills.

Gambling Gone Wild
"Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis is being sued by a Las Vegas casino for $2 million in gambling debts. Francis says he lost the money because he got drunk and didn't know what he was doing... of course if it weren't for people getting drunk and not knowing what they were doing, he never would be in business in the first place.


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