Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pope's Message of Peace
Pope Benedict XVI called for peace in Iraq, Israel and Tibet in his annual Easter message. Of course, the Pontiff wanted to remain realistic, so he didn't say anything about peace between Obama and Hillary.

Easter Hunting
It was a traditional Easter in America; millions of children searching for eggs, millions of adults searching for a gas at less than $3-a-gallon.

Meat Plant Explosion
A meat packing plant in Arkansas exploded Sunday afternoon, injuring several people and forcing evacuations. Witnesses saw three cows speeding away from the scene in a rented Ryder truck.

Dalai Lama Slammed
China is accusing the Dalai Lama of orchestrating the recent riots in Tibet in order to ruin the upcoming Olympic games. Usually the only people who can ruin the games are Bob Costas and slutty figure skaters.

No-Show Inspector
Police say the building inspector responsible for the crane that collapsed last week in Manhattan never showed up to check the structure... which is weird, because New York building inspectors usually like to pick up their bribes in person.


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