Sunday, March 16, 2008

Crane Collapse
A huge crane came crashing down on the Upper East Side of Manhattan Saturday afternoon... well, it was either a crane or Eliot Spitzer's ego.

The damage from the collapse was so bad that the landlords of each of the damaged apartments will only raise their rents by 5% this week.

Bloodhounds and even some high-tech robots are searching the rubble for survivors. Experts say they can find anything with a human heart... so I guess those real estate brokers who are still missing are out of luck.

Candidates on Spitzer
On the campaign trail today, each of the presidential candidates made statements about the Eliot Spitzer scandal. John McCain says it's really "despicable," Barack Obama says it's really disgraceful, and Hillary Clinton says she really wants Kristin's phone number.

Wall St. Comes to Bush
The nation's leading financial advisers are meeting with President Bush tomorrow... although it's not clear whether they're there to talk about the economy or just ask for a pardon.


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