Friday, March 07, 2008

CEO Hearings
A House committee looking into outrageous CEO pay packages brought several controversial CEOs to Washington for hearings today. But the hearings lost some of their potential importance when each and every Congressmen began the questioning by asking the CEOs for campaign contributions and rides on their private jets.

After expressing their outrage over the super-high CEO pay packages, the committee members all returned to the House floor where they immediately voted themselves a pay raise.

Peace Talks Still Alive
Despite yesterday’s mass murder by Hamas at a Jerusalem yeshiva, Israel is vowing to push ahead with peace talks, “so as not to punish moderate Palestinians.” And that’s really good news for all three of the world’s moderate Palestinians.

White House on Jobs
President Bush is expressing "serious concern" about the surprisingly weak jobs report released Friday morning. That's because he's going to be out of work in less than 10 months and he's still not qualified to do anything.


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