Tuesday, February 26, 2008

North Korea Concert
The New York Philharmonic Orchestra performed its historic concert in Pyongyang, North Korea last night. Millions of North Koreans rushed to the concert hall for the chance to hear the concert and then rummage throw the musicians coats for loose change and candy.

When the orchestra played the Star Spangled Banner, the entire audience stood up... oh no wait, that was the firing squad.

Nazi Gold?
Dozens of treasure-seekers are digging at a site in Germany where a huge cache of Nazi gold and other artifacts may be buried. The hardest-working diggers are from the History Channel who are desperately looking for another 2-3 years of programming.

Changing Religions
A new survey shows that nearly half of U.S. adults have abandoned religion altogether... the other half are currently worshipping Barack Obama.

10% of all Americans describe themselves as "ex-Catholics"... but that's really only 1% when you take out the Kennedy family and its illegitimate children.

Surgeon Shortage
Medical officials say most of the country is facing a serious shortage of surgeons. Even more serious is the shortage of people who can figure out how to fill out health insurance forms.


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