Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Contenders
Tonight's contenders at the Academy Awards for Best Picture include films about a violent oil tycoon, a corrupt corporate attorney, and a coldblooded killer... of course that also describes the list of contenders in the presidential elections.

Nader Jumps In
Ralph Nader has officially entered the presidential race. He's hoping to fill the void for delusional candidates created when Dennis Kucinich dropped out last month.

E.A. Offer
Video game maker Electronic Arts is offering $2 billion for Take-Two Interactive... of course to successfully take over a video game company you not only have to offer cash, but find some way to get the CEO a date with a real girl.

Castro's Brother Takes Over
Raul Castro has officially been named the president of Cuba, giving him complete control of the nation's armed forces, economy, and one remaining roll of toilet paper.


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