Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fed Decision Day
Ben Bernanke will probably give in to Wall Street pressure and cut interest rates another half point. But the markets won't respect him in the morning.

Rudy Ripped
After a disastrous showing in the Florida primary, Rudy Giuliani is expected to drop out of the presidential race today. But like most New Yorkers in Florida, he'll wait until May before heading back north.

While in Florida, Giuliani failed to win over the voters, wasted millions of campaign funds, and threw up while riding "Escape from Witch Mountain."

Romney Stumbles
Mitt Romeny was also a loser Tuesday... but he's emphasizing the "positives" of his time in Florida, like maintaining his tan.

Hillary "Wins"
Despite not being worth any delegates, Hillary Clinton is celebrating her win in the Florida primary. Celebrating non-binding events is something Hillary has been used to ever since she married Bill.

Edwards Quits
John Edwards is dropping out of the presidential race. He wanted to get out while he still had enough campaign funds for one or two more haircuts.

GDP Sags
New reports show the U.S.economy grew at an anemic 0.6% rate in the last three months of last year... sobering news for a country that must feed and employ 2.5 billion Chinese and Mexican workers.


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