Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Credit Card Hearings
Congress is holding hearings on the credit card industry today, focusing on reports of predatory practices, skyrocketing interest rates, and the fact that the cards don't even pick locks as well as they used to.

New Love
Natalee Holloway's mom is now in a serious relationship with JonBenet Ramsey's father. It's just another success story for the Nancy Grace Dating Service!

Teddy Bear Teacher Home
The British teacher jailed in Sudan for allowing a class teddy bear to be named "Mohammed," is back home and looking for a new job. But she'll have a tough time since racist Muslims pretty much control all the British schools too.

Clinton Fear
Some House Democrats are reportedly concerned over the possibility that Hillary Rodham Clinton will be their party nominee for president. It's not that they don't want to back her positions, it's just that no one is quite sure what they are.

DC Walking
Washington, DC's streets have ranked as the #1 "walkable streets" in America. Well, that would make sense in a city filled with the nation's biggest whores.

Senate Aide Arrested
A Senate aide is in federal custody after being arrested on a charge of attempting to sexually exploit a minor. This is not to be confused with financially exploiting a minor, which is what he and all his colleagues in Congress do every day at work.


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