Monday, December 10, 2007

Oprah for Obama
Oprah Winfrey spent most of the weekend campaigning for Barack Obama... only to disappoint the thousands of people who showed up to the rallies hoping to get relationship advice and be told what to read.

Worried that Oprah Winfrey's more active support for Obama could ruin her campaign, Hillary Clinton wants to bring out the big guns at her own campaign rallies, but all she can get right now is Phil Donohue, Maury Povich, and Sally Jesse Raphael.

Shuttle Launch Scrubbed
Sunday's scheduled shuttle launch had to be scrubbed because of a faulty fuel sensor. Fixing it actually only takes a few minutes, but good luck finding a mechanic on a weekend.

Marbury Funeral
New York Knick star Stephon Marbury missed a few games last week to attend his father's funeral. In true Knick tradition, Marbury wanted to take time to honor the man who first taught him how to treat bitches and ho's.


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