Monday, December 24, 2007

Mars Asteroid
Scientists believe a huge asteroid could hit Mars on January 30. The news is badly hurting the already depressed Martian subprime real estate market.

Midwest Storms
The Midwest is still digging out after a series of winter storms battered the region over the weekend. To give local residents some needed relief, officials are plowing streets, setting up heating centers, and canceling next months Iowa caucauses.

Bush Calls Troops
President Bush continued his annual tradition today of making special holiday phone calls to U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Democrats in Congress did the same, but they called collect.

Kentucky Teeth
A new report shows that only half the population in Kentucky has dental insurance. But local officials are playing down the significance of that story, since you really don't need all your teeth to eat roadkill.

L.A. Killings Fall
The murder rate in Los Angeles has hit a 40-year low... even the city's best killers are stuck on the freeway.


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