Sunday, December 16, 2007

Box Office Champ
"I Am Legend," the new film about the last man left alive in the world, topped the box office this weekend. Millions of Americans wanted to see what it was like to live in Manhattan and still always get a parking spot.

Paul's Cash
Republican presidential candiate Ron Paul has exceeded his fourth quarter fundraising goal of $13.8 million. It's a shocking sum to all the experts who never thought so few neo-Nazis could steal so many credit cards.

A-Rod's Denial
In his 60 Minutes interview Sunday night, Alex Rodriguez denied he ever took human growth hormone... mostly because there's no way his head could get any bigger anyway.

When Arabs Attack
Angry Muslims attacked and destroyed shops owned by Christians on Sunday in a town in southern Egypt. It's not clear if this was yet another act of Islamic terrorism, or just a bunch of guys as sick of Perry Como music as the rest of us.

Vick's Home Auction Flops
Michael Vick's Virginia mansion failed to sell at auction yesterday. The starting price was reasonable, but the buyers all backed off when they found out the doggie doors were electrified.


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