Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Iraq Wish List
Nightmarish realities in Baghdad are prompting American officials to curb their vision for democracy in Iraq. Instead, the officials now say they are willing to settle for a government that functions and can bring security... but why should the Iraqis get that before Americans do?

LLWS Favorites
Taipei is one of the favorites to win this year's Little League World Series... that is, if they aren't effected by their poisonous lead-based bats.

Vick Defended
The head of the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP says said Michael Vick should not lose his football career with the NFL. The NAACP leader insists the organization doesn't condone dog fighting or animal cruelty, it just doesn't think anyone should be punished for it.

Fast T-Rex
New research shows that the Tyrannosaurus rex could reach relatively high speeds and could have been able to outrun most modern-day sportsmen like David Beckham. Based on the report, Nike and Adidas are now in an all-out bidding war to sign the T-rex to an endorsement deal.

Strahan's Decision
Giants pro-bowler Michael Strahan is still not sure whether he wants to return for another season. He wants to play, but it's hard playing on a team where everyone is sleeping with your ex-wife.

Cramer's Track Record
Records show that investors who took Jim Cramer's stock advice in CNBC over the past two years would have done better had they simply invested in a regular index fund. Of course, they could have REALLY done better if they had simply sold him tons of psychiatric drugs.

Thompson's Resume
Fred Thompson says working on the NBC series "Law and Order" has prepared him for running for president. That makes sense, TV actors and presidential candidates both mostly smile and just say the lines a bunch of overpaid Ivy League graduates write for them.


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