Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bad Conditions
A U.S.-based workers' rights group says it's found "brutal conditions" eight Chinese toy plants. But the workers are still safer than the American kids playing with those toys.

Capital One Closings
Captiol One has closed its mortgage unit and is laying off hundreds of workers. What's in your wallet? A pink slip.

Dodd's Promise
Senate Banking chairman Christopher Dodd says Fed chief Ben Bernanke will 'absolutely' do everything possible to stabilize financial markets. So I guess the FED will be paying for the strippers on the Merrill Lynch trading floor this week.

Spector Defense Rests
The defense in the Phil Spector murder trial rested today after the famed record producer waived his right to testify. Spector didn't want to go on the stand without a reall cute backup band.

Endeavor Returns
The Space Shuttle Endeavor landed safely back on Earth Tuesday afternoon. The astronaut debriefing is being held at happy hour at Mel's Bar and Grill in downtown Houston.

Bionic Woman Issues
NBC may be forced to cancel its new fall series "Bionic Woman," before it premieres. Apparently, the star is experiencing serious problems with her Chinese-made electronic body parts.

Vick to Jail
Michael Vick will plead guilty to dog fighting charges and will get prison time... giving the guys who wrote "The Longest Yard" another excuse to pitch their sequel.


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