Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Iranian Terror Label
The U.S. government is considering labeling a division of the Iranian army a terrorist organization. And it's worth a lot of serious and careful thought, considering we already named the entire country a terrorist organization six years ago.

Donaghy Pleads
Referee Tim Donaghy has pleaded guilty to betting on NBA games he officiated. The plea effectively ends his career with the NBA, but begins his career with the World Wrestling Federation.

Shuttle Repairs?
After yesterday's spacewalk, NASA has determined that the Shuttle Endeavor may not need any repairs after all. It definitely needs some work, but it's just not worth reporting it to the insurance company.

Credit Crunch
Mortgage credit worries continue to depress the stock market. It's getting so bad, Americans may no longer be able to afford to buy enough poisonous Chinese toys.

Vick Deal?
Michael Vick is close to making a plea deal in his dog fighting case. Vick will reportedly accept some prison time as long as he isn't sent back to the Atlanta Falcons when he gets out.

Chinese Crackdown
The Chinese government has announced a crackdown on “false news reports," and will issue fines as it sees fit. We learn two things from this: 1) China is a totalitarian country, and 2) it's a good thing CBS News shut down its Beijing bureau.


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