Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Craig Caught
Senator Larry Craig joins a growing list of GOP officeholders accused of gay sexual misconduct. Well, now we know why the Republicans are so against gay marriage; it would take all the fun out of dating.

Several gay men are now expected to come forward to say they had relationships with Larry Craig. Luckily for him, even the guys he had sex with have never heard of Larry Craig.

The latest scandal proves how hypocritical Republicans are when it comes to homosexuality... and how hypocritical the Democrats are when it comes to respecting diversity.

What are the chances?... there are three gay people from Idaho and they all work in Larry Craig's office.

Sadr Suspension
Anti-American Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has suspended his militia's operations for up to six months as they reassess their weapons, manpower, and exposure to the subprime mortgage crisis.

CBGB Founder Dies
The founder of the New York rock club CBGB has died at 75. He get into Heaven, but only if he has the proper hand stamp.

Helmsley's Will
Leona Helmsley's will leaves $12 million to her dog, but nothing to two of her grandchildren. You'd think being able to use the toilet would have given the kids an edge... but hey, you never know.

Top 10 New Corporate Sponsored College Football Nicknames

10) Nebraska Ethanol Huskers

9) Alabama Crimson Tide Detergent

8) Florida Crocs

7) Penn State Food Lions

6) USC Latex Trojans

5) Notre Dame Fighting Irish Spring

4) Syracuse Sunkist Orangemen

3) Cal American Express Gold Card Bears

2) LSU/Exxon Tigers

1) Arkansas Gillete Razorbacks


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