Thursday, June 08, 2006

Markets Weak
The stock market's sharp selloff continues. It's getting so bad the nation's CEO's are worrying that soon there won't be any more money left to steal.

Gallant Sir Paul
Paul McCartney is defending his estranged wife Heather Mills, even as pornographic pictures of her have surfaced in the press. McCartney says he's speaking up for Mills because he still loves her... and the hot pictures are making their separation a little easier on him.

Top 5 Good Things You Didn't Know about the U.N.

5) Known terrorists have to pay extra for parking

4) Theft of charitable donations is now at 75%, down from 78% last year

3) The pizza in the cafeteria is half price every Wednesday after 2pm

2) To help the environment, all the Jew-hating speeches given in the General Assembly are recycled every year

1) At least they have the one large building in Manhattan that isn't owned by stinking landlords


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